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PMHNP Clinical Rotation

We offer Psychiatry Clinical Rotation Information for PMHNP and PA Mental Health Students.

Clinical Rotation Options:

We offer in-person, telepsych, and hybrid options to cater to individual preferences.

Availability Requests:

When indicating your availability, include essential details such as school name, required hours, and prospective start and end dates.

How To Apply

We are now accepting applications. For any queries or clarifications, call (617) 515-3540 or email

The doctor was an awesome listener! I got to share my life experience without crying I chocked up but I was so comfortable with her I shared and she’s awesome and God sent! I admire her patience and her determination to help the best way she can. I’d refer her to anyone who needs a better mental health route in life. Nothing but blessings my way for this doctor!!!

Luecy R.

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